The most powerful stock market add-on for Google Sheets.

Real-time and historical price data, fundamentals, analyst ratings, dividends, options and much more for over 70,000 stocks, ETFs, mutual funds, FOREX and cryptocurrencies.

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We've taken care to keep our formulas simple and understandable. Use the function generator to explore all the data options available and pull the information directly into Google Sheets.


Over 30 years of historical price and fundamental stock data. Dump entire financial statements, dividend histories or options chains into Sheets in an instant.


Second-accurate, real-time stock quotes for selected markets, minute interval intra-day time series generation, technical indicators, price targets, analyst estimates and so much more...

66 Global Markets and over 70,000 Financial Assets

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Build your own powerful
investing dashboard.

Forget about trawling through financial websites to find exactly what you need - design your own analysis using SheetsFinance with Google Sheets.

Fundamental analysis

Use our historical stock data to track company growth rates and key perfomance ratios, developing your own fundamental analysis.

Dynamic watchlist

Use our real-time data and sparkline generators to build detailed, global watchlists.

Unlimited data

We don't have any pesky data limits like some other financial APIs - you can use our service as much as you'd like!


Here's a quick look at
all our features.

Feeling a little lazy? Just sit back and watch SheetsFinance in action. There's a lot more where this came from, check out all our videos on our YouTube Channel.

You decide what's possible with SheetsFinance.

It's in your hands how you decide to use our data. Check out our new Google Sheets stock analysis templates for a solution straight out the box. Otherwise, here are a few other ideas to get you started...

Stock screening

The Stock Screener lets you filter through our database of over 70,000 financial assets to find the best investment opportunities.

Financial analysis

Over 30 years of historical financials at the touch of a button. Let the Function Generator do the heavy lifting for you.

Dynamic watchlists

Use a combination of real-time data, sparklines and company information to generate a beautiful, dynamic watchlist.

Technical Analysis

Use our Technical Analysis tools to generate daily and intra-day trend lines. SMA, EMA, RSI, Williams and more.

Analyst Ratings

Explore our detailed analyst ratings, price targets and recommendations data to get in tune with what the professionals are thinking.

Stock Valuations

Build your own fundamental company valuations in Google Sheets by drawing on our real-time and historical data.

Comparative charting

Access our time series data to layer company and coin performance and develop a deeper understanding of price trends.


We've kept the pricing simple. Begin with our fully featured 15 day free trial - no card details required. If SheetsFinance works for you, continue to access all our features for one simple price.

Monthly Billing
Annual Billing (save 18%)
$ 9.95

Billed as $98/yr - 18% off!

Unlimited data calls

Access to our entire data network of over 70,000 stocks, ETFs, FOREX, mutual funds, indexes, cryptocurrencies and more

30+ years of company statements and OHLCV data

In-built stock screener

Second-accurate, real-time quotes*

Hundreds of pre-calculated financial metrics and ratios

Options chains and 30+ years of dividend data

Technical analysis - daily and intra-day SMA, EMA, RSI, Williams, StdDev and much more

Analyst price targets, recommendations and ratings

Individual and education use only. For commerical licensing please contact us.

*Quotes delivered with a 15min delay on certain exchanges, please read the docs.

Start your free trial now

What stock exchanges do you have?

Oh boy, a tonne! For our full list please see our Code Guide. Here's a list of a few of the main ones you may be interested in: NASDAQ, NYSE, LSE, HKG, NSE, EURONEXT, SIX, ASX, OSE, XETRA, MCX, TSX and FSX.


Do you need my credit card details for the free trial?

No. Your 15 day free trial begins when you install the Google Sheets add-on! If you like what you see, sign up at any time through the add-on's drop down menu in Google Sheets.


How are your financials calculated?

The financial world is full of metrics and ratios, e.g., EPS, EBIT, ROE, P/E, NOPLAT and so on... And whilst a company's reported figures don't vary too much from provider-to-provider these calculated metrics can. The way various providers such as Morningstar, Bloomberg or Yahoo choose to define these metrics can have a significant impact on the final number. Therefore, we've created a financial formulas page in our documentation which explains the way we define our calculated metrics. As always, if something doesn't stack up, please reach out and let us know.


Is there a data limit?

Nope! You have unlimited access to our data source. You may hit our rate limit if you attempt to pull a lot of data simultaneously, but one re-call and it will be right where you want it. It's important to note that Google imposes it's own daily quota of 20,000 external requests for a single Google account. This is a very large daily allowance, but if you intend to use SF heavily, you can increase this daily quota through upgrading your Google account. Read more about limits and quotas in our detailed documentation.


Where does the data come from?

We are constantly reviewing and improving our global data delivery network. We source our data through distribution agreements with a number of wholesale market data providers. In the case of US equities, the data is sourced directly from a secure connection to CTA and UTP Feed, and historical financials are collated from SEC filings.


The company, cryptocurrency or ETF I want isn't in your code guide?

Thanks for letting us know! Whilst we have a huge selection of stocks and coins we may not have the one you're after yet. Just drop us a line in our contact page so we can get it for you and continue to improve the product!